About Amanda Ann Larson

I am an artist and writer creating from my farm on beautiful Whidbey Island. Garden Fairy Farm is on five acres, two of which are native woodlands. The other three acres are our vegetable garden, berry patch, orchard, ornamental gardens, and critter homes.

Our golden retriever, Teddy, helps with all the critters on the farm. We have three sassy goats and many domestic birds, including chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and a pigeon. Indoors, I have a flock of parakeets and Moz, a sassy green singer finch who thinks he’s still a dinosaur. In my studio there is my princess Jude (a blue bantam cochin), Riggs and Rog (two adorable guinea pigs), a spunky Moroccan uromastyx named Rodan, and a variety of gorgeous tropical fish.

Most of my work features animals, plants, and/or other aspects of nature. Along with our current ecosystems, I love prehistoric life and am obsessed with dinosaurs, but who isn’t?

Me and one of my adorably feisty rescued Easter egger roosters, Ash.